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Baldwin Removals are a Surrey based removal company offering professional and efficient home removal services across the Esher KT10 area.

Whether you are moving home, moving your business, or just need somewhere to store your belongings whilst your property move completes we can help with expert advice, planning, and moving of your home or business belongings and valuables.

Home Removals Company - Esher

Baldwin Removals are a Surrey-based removals company ideally situated for Esher and the surrounding area - always providing a professional, safe, efficient removals service for your home contents and personal posessions.

Esher appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 with domesday assets listed as: 14 hides, 6 ploughs and 2 acres of meadow - there is a little more to Esher nowadays!

Esher is now a popular commuter town with residential housing, local schools and a busy high street. Esher has become a sought after area for commuters and families alike and an area that Baldwin Removals have considerable home removals experience in.

With our extensive experience in helping families move home right across Esher, we're able to help you with your new home relocation. With affordable rates and excellent service, moving can be a stress-free process for everyone involved!

Baldwin Removals provide a top quality removals service at affordable rates ensuring excellent value for money.

We will prepare your furniture for transit as if it were our own and always wrap your mattresses and upholstered sofas and armchairs in bags to avoid dust and dirt.
With our vast experience with helping families move to and from Esher we know that parking near to Esher Town Centre can sometimes be challenging, especially when its race day at Sandown Park!

We will plan your home move sensitively with consideration to the width of the road and neighbouring parking spaces. We can also help you contact Elmbridge Borough Council to apply for a Esher residential parking zone suspension for the duration of the loading or unloading of your valuables and prized possessions.

Across all services we offer, we include dismantling and reassembly as standard. This typically includes your beds and wardrobes.

The best bit about this?

We include this at no additional charge offering you a fully comprehensive service at the highest quality.

Our Home Removal Options

Baldwin Removals are one of the leading removal companies providing expert removal services for Esher and the surrounding area

We provide a number of different options for you to choose from when it comes to the packing and unpacking of your home contents and personal possessions.

Across all of the removal services we offer, we include dismantling and reassembly as standard. This typically includes all beds and wardrobes.

Home Removal Option 1:
Customer Prepare & Pack - Load & Deliver

This is our starter offering. If you choose to go with the Customer Pack home removals option, we will typically provide all of the necessary packing materials.

Our home removal packing materials include Large & Small boxes, Wardrobe Cartons for hanging clothes, Packing Paper, and Tape.

Bubble Wrap is not included due to its negative enviromental impact.

We strive to ensure that all materials we supply and use are fully recyclable, even our plastic mattress bags - and we operate a completely paperless office.

The Customer Pack conecpt is simple - the Customer packs and prepares all of their smaller belongings ahead of our arrival so our professional removals team can focus on preparing all of your furniture for transit, as well as loading and delivering all the effects.

Whilst this is our cheapest option, the risk of any damage to property or belongings does increase as the goods have not been packed by our home removal experts!

Also, delays can occur when a customer has not completed the packing and preparing of all home contents in time for our arrival - significant delays to our home removal professionals clearing your address could incur additional charges in line with our terms and conditions.

Customer Pack options are almost always over a single day but can be up to 2-3 days depending on how far we are travelling, and for larger volume moves.


    Home Removal Option 2:
    Fragile Possessions Pack

    The next step up in our range of home removal services is the Fragile Pack option where you will pack up all non-fragile items, such as linen and books into boxes.

    But you leave all of your most fragile posessions, such as China & Glass, and wine collections, to our home removal professionals to pack.

    This is midway option as it’ll essentially take roughly the same time period as the Customer Packhom removals options, but with additional staff required to carry out the packing of your fragile belongings.

    This option is slightly rare in the sense customers usually want to handle all of the packing, or none of it at all - which leads us on to our last and most comprehensive home contents packing options.

    Home Removal Option 3:
    Full Service Home Removals Pack

    Sit back, Relax (as much as is possible during a home move!) and let us take care of your home move completely!

    That’s essentially what the Full Home Removal Service offers.

    It takes our expert home removals team more time to complete so it does cost the most but you have the complete peace of mind knowing that your home contents and personal belongings are in the hands of our professional home removals team who are used to working to our removal plans and within our time schedules.

    If you chose this home move option, we will typically come in to pack up and load your home contents and personal belongings roughly 1-2 days before your home move date.

    On the night before moving day our expert removals team will leave you with overnight essentials - typically including your beds, a TV and sofa, and some cooking equipment.

    The more minimalist, the better - this is so that on moving day we only need to return for a few items so we are clear of the property in good time - usually around 10:30am-11:00am.

    This will allow you more than enough time to clean the property (or have cleaners come in) and make sure you’ve read your meters etc, before dropping the keys off with your estate agent.

    This ensures there is no last minute rushing around which significantly reduces the stress of moving house for all involved!

    Meanwhile, once our removal vehicles are fully loaded, our team will travel to your new home address, wait patiently for your home sale/purchase completion to go through and for you to collect the keys to your new home!

    Once we have access we always protect your floors before unloading your home contents and personal possessins. Depending on the volume of goods we are moving, delivery will typically take either 1 afternoon or might require the day after as well to complete the delivery.

    Regardless of the delivery timeframe, our team will reassemble your beds on moving day as well as redeliver your ‘overnight essentials’ so you can have a nice cup of tea in your new home!

    Baldwin removals are one of the leading removal companies covering Esher and the surrounding area.

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